Electric Sub-Panel Installation

April 23, 2021

Electric Sub-Panel Installation

Whenever a home or business owner needs to add extra circuit capacity to an existing electrical panel, the best course of action is to call a professional electrician. An electric sub-panel is connected to the main electric panel, provided the main panel does not need replacing, and it makes powering the new addition more straightforward. It is a complex process, and several factors need to be taken into consideration to make sure the job is done correctly, safely. Our Volta electrical electricians have a quarter of a century of experience in electric sub-panel change or installation, and we always put our customers’ safety and satisfaction first.

Why Would I Need an Electric Sub Panel Change or Installation?

An electric sub-panel provides an extension of electrical service from the main electrical panel in the home or office. These are particularly useful where a large amount of energy is needed away from the main building: in finished basements with entertainment systems or wet bars, detached garages or workshops, or new additions to a home or office. An electric sub-panel installation may also be required outdoors for hot tubs or other spa equipment, yard equipment, or other high-powered industrial or commercial equipment. Naturally, an electric sub panel change may be required if you already have one, but it is not functioning properly.

Three Important Things to Understand about an Electric Sub Panel Installation:
  • An electric sub-panel change does not add more electrical power coming into a home or office; it does, however, provide more efficient and easy-to-manage electrical service running from the main electric panel to other areas of the home.
  • Installing an electric sub panel helps when there is not enough space for extra circuit breakers within the main electric panel to handle the extended electrical needs of the home or business. An electric sub-panel installation creates extra room for new circuit breakers in a separate physical location.
  • An electric sub-panel change or installation clarifies and simplifies the electrical service in a home or office by providing an electric panel for separate physical areas that need heavy doses of electric services, such as a kitchen, a workshop, a home office, garage, or basement.

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