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Volta Electrical is a full-service, electrical company that has been serving the greater Seattle area for over 6 years

Our team is closely knit into a caring community and works together closely to ensure your electrical concerns are fully resolved and you are satisfied. Volta Electrical was built on the principles of work ethic and professionalism. Being a company, we emphasize maintaining sincerity and loyalty towards our clients, considering them as a part of our family, and treat them like we would each other. Our team of electricians is experienced in handling every kind of electrical concern in Seattle, from complex commercial electrical needs to the smaller, simpler residential ones. We provide cost-effective yet long-lasting solutions to each of your demands, no matter how big or small they may be.

Our services

New in the field EV Stations full service from the first step to connect to this new technology to a ready-to-use and charge your car. Lightening. We service numerous kinds of lighting; all fit for distinct purposes and requirements. Electrical installations. We thoroughly review the installation process to provide error-free electrical installations. Home upgrade. We guide you through the entire process as we precariously follow through with the high-tech equipment.

Residential installations

Volta Electrical is the best decision you will ever make in terms of finding a solution to your residential electrical needs. We specialize in providing quality results with respect to all kinds of electrical needs for your home. As a family, we know exactly how important the role of electrical maintenance is for peaceful conditions at your home. Compared to the more gigantic firms in this industry, we give our clients the advantage of more attention to detail and thorough explanations and reviewing procedures to make sure the process has been error-free. Any errors can put your safety at risk, and we care deeply for the safety of our clients since they are a part of our family. We sincerely promise to keep you safe without incurring any unnecessary costs.

Commercial instaltions

Commercial projects are highly resource-intensive, sensitive, and risky. For this reason, they must only be handled by professionals who know just how much is at stake for the business in case of any errors so that they go above and beyond to deliver error-free projects and prevent large-scale losses.
Volta is extremely cautious at every step of its services. We review every technicality multiple times and ensure no technical faults that would result in any damages to the business. We understand the significance of accurate and skillful services to help you achieve the perfect environment, design, and lighting to create a professional workspace. Furthermore, we promise 100% reliability in our constructed and maintained systems so that the professional work environment is not disrupted due to any electrical mishaps, and your business runs smoothly.

Lightning design and light installations

Volta Electrical provides a broad range of services to its clients. Whether it’s your home or construction ready to turn into someone else’s home, in both cases, lighting, electrical installations, and home upgrade services play an extremely significant role in ensuring its smooth functioning. Any errors or waves of overvoltage known as surges can be hazardous and must be fixed immediately. In addition to surge protection, we further deal with other electrical installation services like car chargers, home backup generators, hot tubs, sauna wiring, etc. We specialize in special lighting services, such as lighting upgrades, lighting controls, and the design aspect of it to make sure we deliver the exact kind of product that you have in mind for your house.

Professional contractors

Volta Electrical Company is home to some of the most experienced, skilled, and honest workers in the entire industry. We set standards high enough for only us to maintain and further redefine. Installing line voltages is a part of our contracting services, and is extremely economical to install. The diffused nature of its lighting can create an incredible ambiance. Numerous other electrical upgrades are also available, with the best and most efficient installation equipment to minimize the maintenance and long-term costs.
Lighting design and controls take on a whole new level of challenges on a commercial scale. These challenges are tackled very competently by our personnel to ensure smooth running at such a large scale. Our designs are highly creative and unique and are customized to fit your preferences and work environment moods. Furthermore, our high-tech equipment is exactly what you need to completely change the look of your house and your quality of life inside the comfort of your own home with the most reasonable and electrically efficient possible equipment.

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